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What Is A Marine Survey?
Marine Surveys by Gudgeon & Pintle Marine Surveys, Stephen T. Duncombe, SAMS® SA, New Bern, North Carolina, USA A survey is a detailed, non-invasive inspection of the boat and its systems. A thorough, conscientious, and diligent inspection should show that the boat and systems comply with ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) recommendations regarding construction and installation and both USCG and NFPA regulations. Instances where the boat falls short, recommendations for repair or upgrades should be given.

The surveyor is more a 'jack of all trades'. Large systems such as big engines in a power boat, or complicated electrical systems might require the expertise of an engine surveyor or an ABYC Certified marine electrician.

The survey is meant to be non-invasive: screwed down panels are typically not removed, nor holes poked in the boat. The hull and topsides are inspected for damage, rot and water incursion. Most surveyors use a moisture meter and/or a phenolic hammer. The running gear is inspected for damage and corrosion. All systems are operated where possible. The boat is inspected to standards recommended by ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and the rules and regulations of the USCG and NFPA. Recommendations for repairs or upgrades are then made.

On sailboats, the rigging is usually inspected from deck level only. Most surveyors are loath to go up the mast using the lines and winches on an unfamiliar boat. A Sea Trial is a standard part of a pre-purchase survey to ascertain how the boat maneuvers and moves through the water. The sails, running and standing rigging are inspected. On a power boat, it is suggested that a separate engine survey be performed by a certified marine engine mechanic during the sea trial.

A market value is then placed on the boat.

Insurance Survey

An Insurance Survey is similar to a pre-purchase survey except that a sea trial is not usually performed and oftentimes it is not required that the boat be hauled out of the water.

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